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An Outstanding Gillows Antique Billiards - Snooker - Pool Marking Board, circa 1810

This mahogany antique Billiards marker or score board made by Gillows of Lancaster and London has a rectangular panel with two slides, pegboards and spots marked out in a paler inlaid wood, all within a reeded frame with two stretchers supported on outswept feet with brass castors.

It is marked in a painted cartouche, "Gillows London and Lancaster", English, circa 1810, beautiful original colour and patina.

We have never seen a comparative scorer of this quality or form in twenty five years as specialist dealers.

Footnote: In "Gillows of Lancaster and London 1730-1840," Woodbridge, 2008, Vol.I p423, Susan Stuart has a very similar scorer with an angled board described thus;

The marker was made in mahogany inlaid with a lighter regular close-grained wood, possibly orangewood. The words GILLOW LONDON and LANCASTER are carefully painted, not inlaid, onto an oval cartouche.

152 cm framed

86 cm framed

36 cm framed

Private collection

Mahogany Frame

Excellent original condition


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