Gillows Antique Billiard table installed

June 2015

We have just returned form Ireland after a great trip to  deliver and install a beautiful Gillows antique billiard table in a Gothic castle,see previous post.The site is still very much a workplace with a tight deadline to meet before the owner arrives.

The above image shows the frame being assembled in the library  as a gold leaf was still being applied to the billiard room hand blocked wallpaper.

The table frame assembled with the slates fitted and the slate linings part fitted, the jack is used to gently lift the table and insert pads under the legs to level the table  if required.

The table completed with a new bed cloth, the cushions fitted and pockets attached ready for play.

A hand made cover for added protection, a superb scoring cabinet, cue stand,a decorative brass period light fitting and a pair of solid oak viewing benches were also purchased by this client, further images in the next post.Thanks Paul!