Delivery of a Gillows antique Billiard table

June 2015

Today we have delivered and installed an Antique Gillows Billiard - Snooker table to a private estate near Henley On Thames, the table is of a slender elegant understated design and was made circa 1810.

The above image shows the frame set up with the slates fitted ready for the bed cloth, we have supplied and fitted new slate linings to the under side of the slate, it is an important part of the installation as the linings must be extremely well fitted to maintain a successful and well tensioned bed cloth.

The second  image  shows the cloth being fitted and stretched into position, this client has chosen a subtle forest green shade which fits very well with the mahogany frame.

The table completed with cushions and pockets attached, note the original bag nets rather than new ball runners which would not compliment this style of table.

We have just managed to purchase another fine quality Gillows billiard table see our Antique Tables for details.