A unique Gillows Billiard scoreboard circa 1830

June 2016

We have just bought this very rare and elegant Gillows scoreboard which was made circa 1830, it is of rectangular form and is made from mahogany with inlaid sections of ebony and a pale sycamore with sliding markers and peg board holes.

It  is very similar in design to a Gillows marker Illustrated in Susan E Stuarts compendium.

Markers of this age are exceptionally rare,  a game called "21 Up" was very popular and there was no need for higher numbers.

The billiard tables in use were still quite primitive with "List" stuffed in the cushions rather than  a shaped rubber to allow a rebound, and the bed of the table was wood rather than slate, so the playing conditions were very difficult.

Combined with candle light and the basic table conditions large breaks were not common.