A Historic Gillows Billiard table from Dingestow Court

February 2016

We have just acquired this highly important Gillows antique Billiard table from Dingestow Court Monmouthshire.The table was manufactured circa 1820 and stands on eight elegant reeded legs, a design highly favoured by Gillows at this time.

It is in very original condition and was probably made for Dingestow Court, although we have yet to clarify this with the Gillows Archive in Westminster.
The above image shows the table part dismantled, and the five piece slate bed on view.
With the slate removed the wonderful sub frame is exposed, amazing craftsmanship..the image below highlights  the elegant moulding which flows around the frame and legs.
The table will be restored to its former glory using only traditional methods, we only ever restore by hand applying the  same materials and  techniques that were used when this table was manufactured nearly 200 years ago.
Further images to follow upon completion.