2015 an exceptional year to source and supply Antique Billiard Snooker accessories

December 2015

We have been very fortunate to source some of the finest Antique Billiard- Snooker accessories during 2015, and we look forward to 2016 with some new stock already in the pipeline.Some of this years highlights are shown below.

A Magnificent decorative  cast brass Antique Billiard light circa 1890.

A superb Mahogany Billiard scoring cabinet circa 1880.

The Best GIllows Billiard table we have ever seen.


A solid oak scoring cabinet with decorative mouldings and ivory pointers.


 Two very good quality revolving Billiard cue stands 1860 - 1880.


 A spectacular mahogany billiard table circa 1890.