Antique Billiard & Snooker Table Lighting

Until the first electric light became available late in the 19th century all Billiard tables were illuminated by gas or flame, when electric became available many Antique Billiard - Snooker light fittings were converted from gas to electric.

As a general rule a six shade light fitting is the most appropriate to illuminate a full size Antique Billiard- Snooker table, allowing an even distribution across the bed of the table.

We have several Antique Billiard lights in stock, we restore these using traditional methods and prefer to keep as much of the original finish as possible.

Once the Frame of the lamp has been cleaned and repaired it is wired and tested by a certified PAT technician.

Sometimes the original shades are beyond repair but we have an excellent shade maker who can re-create the original pattern by hand.

Antique Billiard and Snooker lights are becoming extremely difficult to source, original available examples are shown below.

We have sold some fabulous Antique Snooker lights over the past 20 years, many of which are illustrated in the Sold Items section of this web site.

Due to the high demand for Antique lights, the manufacture of new bespoke light fittings has become a viable less expensive alternative.

These new Snooker lights are made by hand using traditional methods and can be made in either brass or steel with optional finishes.

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